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Drinking Water
Our enclosure has it´s own water supply from a fountain, so there is a guaranteed of water supply the whole year round. Like all southern countries, we nevertheless advise you to drinkmineral-bottled water. Drinking water is not to blame for the most "stomach upsets" other than too manyicy-drinks.
Kenyans are set up for guests. No traveller must go hungry. One has the choise between oriental-asian, pakistan and chinese or else european cooking.
Seafood is of course a speciality and one gets them fresh at the coast primarity from the indian ocean e.g. splendid craw fish (crabs), small however very palatable Kilifi oysters, lobsters and grilled tunafish, scampi (prowns) and smoked sailfish. Nilbarshe and Tilapia come from Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria, from rivers and creeks on the highlands trout. The lovers of juicy steaks are also favoured as kenya´s beef is of first-class quality. Another speciality is game and for those who prefer to try some Impala legs, there are some licensed breeding farms as, hunting in kenya is strictly forbidden.For fruits and vegetables, you can shop in freshmarkets.
Here is one place that mangos taste like mangos reallyshould.
A fish dealer makes his rounds almost every morning, carrying fish, crabs, lobsters etc.. Please place your order a day before and be assured he will be therewith his basket on time, the following morning.
Most alcoholic drinks are imported and are appropriately exp e nsive .
With two exceptions: For some years Kenya has been producing its own white and red wine pressed from Papaya and grapes. "Kenya Cane" also a product of Kenya, is a rum drink recommendable to those enthusiasts of stronger drinks. The undoubtedly most popular drink in Kenya is beer: Tusker, Premium, Whitecap are some of the beers brewed in Kenia, that can actually compete witheuropean beer quality.
Recomendable is also freshly pressed fruit juices from mango or passion fruits which is served in most restaurants. It can also occur, that one gets offered local homemade drinks along the tourist paths, such as palm wine which is quite edible, even if it doesnot impress at first sight.
This drink has a nice taste, probably like the Mead that the Teutons used to drink in the early days. One Liquor, that one shoud keep away fromis "Changaa" which means "Kill me fast".
The name says itall.
Finding a restaurant along the coast, in Mombasa, Malindi, or even the capital city of Nairobi is actually no problem. The choice ranges wide depending on how much one would like to spend on eating-out. Small snack-bars serve local specialities such as samosas, which is a dough-pie, filled with either mince meat or chicken with rice or vegetables and then fried in oil. Ugali ( maize meal ) is also served with stew.
For the middle-class restaurants, chinese and indian specialities are favourites. Big star restaurants offer excelent and superb ambiance international cuisine. During safaris one can only eat at the lodges or at thefire-camps.

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