KNOWING - Ferienhaus Kenia Villa Diani Villas Beach

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The villa and the guesthouse are in an exclusive closed compound made up of 12 villas, no 350 meters from the beach. The two houses lie on an overgrown tropical enclosure, surrounded by a hedge of colored blossoming bougainvillea. Fruits such as Paw Paw, bananas, sugarcane, coconuts etc. grow directly in our garden and birds do the singing all day long.
Surrounded by like-minded, nature loving neighbors and only a few walk minutes, you`ll reach the fine sandy palm beach with the off-shore reef and clean water, a guarantee of a pleasurable swim.

  • As a beautiful african custom, we usually walk bare-footed on the terrace and in the house. We would be grateful if you would accustom yourself to this simple ritual.
  • You are also definately to meet with 10 - 20cm long millipedes also known as "Mombasa express".
  • And small geckos usually appear on the housewall. They are both completly harmless, and are very useful insect-eaters.

The complete property EUR 300/night. From 1 to 8 Person.

Every additional Person EUR 50/night. Maximal 10 Person.

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