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Kenyans are kind and openminded who approach guests from Europe warmly. The respect of other cultures demands a kind and polite behavior of the guests. Despite being able to afford everything, white arrogance is out of place. Unfortunately, the use of addressing one as "bellboy" which dates back to the colonial times, is yet used although its very hurting to our hosts. Addressing a kenyan man as "Bwana" or for a woman as "Mama" or "Madam" would do. The older people are primarily met with special deep respect. Kenyans are hospitable and after accepting an invitation, one shows a form of gratefullness by contributing something edible e.g. fruits for dessert.
Swahili is spoken everywhere in kenya and a few words are worth knowing because swahili is not hard to learn. E.g. you are welcomed to any time of the day with "Jambo", then you simply answer back "Jambo" and one is usually rewarded with a smile from your opposite.
But have no fear as allmost all kenyans speak english and once in a while you will always find somebody who speaks german, especially on the coastal region.
Passport and Visa
Europeans need a valid passport not exceeding 6 months of expiry date. A visa of maximum up to three months, prolonging stay forms are assigned on entry. Visa costs: Euro 40. or USD 50.-.The cabin crew will submit entry and visa documents during the flight.
The change
The national currency is the Kenya shilling (Ksh). All banks, exchange offices and hotels change foreign currency and traveller's cheques; Till now, Eurocheques are seldom accepted.
At the coast, the tropical climate is high on atmospheric humidity and the average temperatures lie between 25 degrees celsius and 30 degrees celsius (gets cooled down by the wind). The climate in the inland region is a slightly cooler with a temperature difference in the night of about 10 degrees Celsius. Should you be on inland safari or the like, it would be advisable to have same warm clothes with you.

day temperature
night temperature
sunny days
water temperature
Medical supply
The medical supply is in Kenya ensured in sufficient measure. There are doctors and hospitals in all fields of study. Mostly, arising costs are to be immediately settled. It is advisable to sign up a travelinsurance. In case of accidents or emergencies, the Flying Doctor service grants free air transport from heavy accesible areas to the next hospital (advisable as an additional insurance). Pharmacies are otherwise in all accessible towns.
A first aid kit is of course a must for any traveller. For diarrhoea cases someImodium tablets and Autan ointment for insect bites should not fail.
The time difference between Germany and Kenya is +2 hours and during the european summertime +1 hour.
Costums regulations
It is strictly unauthorized to export any animals, plants, ivory, furs, corals as well as mussels from Kenya !!
At the moment, there are no vaccination specifications, nevertheless, a yellow fever vaccination is safaris to Tanzania or Kilimanjaro climbing excursion is to stipulate.
A malaria prophylaxis is recommended so please seek your family doctor for moreinformation.
Photos and film
I t would be advisable to carry more film or loft media as need on vacation as they are quite expensive in Kenya .
Waiters are always pleased about tips. 10% is usual in the restaurants.
It´s not to far
Dream vacation at dream beaches. The flight from Frankfurt to Mombasa takes about 8 hours, another one hour from Mombasa airport, over the ferry and on to Diani Beach. Between November and March, most of the flights during the first and second months fullybooked. It would be wise to do an early booking.
Clothing should be airy and largely consisting of cotton or linen. If you are not intending to travel inland, then leave warm pullovers at home, as the temperature at the coast never sinks under 23 degrees Celsius (at night). For gentelmen, long trousers are desired in some restaurants for dinner. If you are planing a bush excursion, tough closed shoes and long trousers to protect legs from being scratched would be recommendable. It would also be advisable to wear long trousers and thin blouses or shirts with long sleeves in the evening as protection against mosquitoes.
Kenya is a lovely country and the people are very helpful and kind, and one can actrally enjoy your vacation by only following a couple of simple rules:
Kenya being a poor land. Its advisable not to show that you carrying large amounts of money with you immediately after leaveng a bank. Keep your valuable things in the safe. Our property is within an enlosure of 12 Villas. At the gate is a guard who checks the ins and outs of all round the clock. We also have additional watchmen(Askaris) who patrol around the compounds. So you can sleep assured.
Bathing in the sea
Bathing in the complete coastal area of the Indian ocean does`nt represent any problem because of the off-shore reef. The beach is well suitable for children and non-swimmers as the water-level only riseson the open sea side. Our tip: A walk is worth-while during the low tide. Little sea creatures (fish, sea urchins, crabs, starfishes etc.), wait for the next high tide in the holes. Do not forget camera and good footwear. Low tide and high tide alternate regularly approx. every 6 hours. An interesting nature play.
Sun radiation
The equator sun is considerably stronger than our latitude degrees. Therefore, special caution is advisable during the first days of holiday. You can tan in the shade. !!
Don't forget good sun protective creamse e.g. you will find Nivea suntan lotion in thehotel shops with different light protection factors.
>> "nudism" << bathing and sun-bathing naked isofficialy forbidden.

important addresses
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
Markgrafenstr. 63
10969 Berlin
phone 030 / 25 92 660
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Botschafter Margit Hellwig
Ludwig Krapf House,
Riverside Drive 113 , Nairobi
P.O. Box 301 80, Nairobi
phone (00254 20) 426 21 00
fax (00254 20) 426 21 29
Royaltyconsulate the Federal Republic of Germany
Honorarkonsul Sidiq Ghalia
Ghalia & Ghalia Advocates,
Bank of India Building 2.Stock,
Nkrumah Road, Mombasa
phone (00254 20) 22 87 81
(00254 20) 31 47 32
fax (00254 20) 22 91 86
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