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Matatus are the most commonly means of transport used in Kenya. The word "Matatu" comes from "three cents", which was the original fare for the Matatu. This price has of course changed. Matatus are usually vehicles at the size of a VW bus and are cheap means of transport, in which one gets to come in contact with natives. When one is thirsty of adventure, then we would recommend a ride with a Matatu (30 shillings). It`s also advisable to pay attention to huge trucks that overtake without payingattention to other vehicles .
Buses of different classes in different parts of the country are one of the main connection in Kenya means of transportation. Matatus are everywhere in the country but buses are preferred because of safety and comfort reasons. If one takes a afternoon bus from Mombasa, one will arrive in the following morning at the L.Viktoria. Buses are extremely cheap and they are a good way to learn more about the people. Don`t be surprised if you find out that you are the only foreigner in one of thes buses in which you will notice once again how africans are helpful in case you should feel awkward and out of place.
The train connects the coast with Nairobi and Kisumu. The trains travels only at night and its wonderful especially at full moon. A part of it, to Nairobi goes through the Tsavo-National park and during the wee hours of morning, one can watch wildlife during the journey. The prices are consi derably higher than buses, for one travels more considerably, more conveniently. Dinner and brea kfast is served in the dining car. Compartments in the first class are sharable with other persons. The second class has four beds and is definately a good way to get to know Kenyans.The third class are only benches without sleep possibility and it not recommended for Europeans.
(not only the train but also the equipment will arousenostalgic feelings)
Motor vehicle
Taxis are everywhere and it`s absolutely necessary to negotiate the price before departure. It`s advisable to get some information from those who know more about Taxis.
The traffic in Kenya keeps left and the streets are not comparable to europaen streets.
This also includes the connecting highway from the coast to Tanzania and Uganda. One should always reckon with big potholes and at village proximity ground waves appearing suddenly that throttle the speed. It`s also advisable to pay attention to huge trucks that overtake without payingattention to other vehicles.
Being the most comfortable means of transportation in Kenya, the airplane has its price and easy to fly from the coast to Nairobi, to the national parks or also to theLake Victoria.

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